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2014-03-31 16:59:16 by SagaciousArts

How wonderful isn't it to queue? We at Sagacious Arts proudly present: QUEUE SIMULATOR 2014!

Create a digital version of yourself with our big selection of options. You can walk with the arrow keys, interact with others by pressing space, and dance by holding both arrow keys! Could it possibly get more realistic? We at Sagacious Arts says: "No way!"

Note the wonderful pre-loader, that even itself simulates a queue. These are the types of details we at Sagacious Arts care about. We care about you.

Now you can queue whenever you want, at home, at work, at the bus, a moment earlier at the bus stop and in your bed. A possibility made by us at Sagacious Arts - for free. You're welcome.

/ Sincerely, Sagacious Arts


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